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England’s Lane



Original Language: English (UK) | 224 pp. | July 2018

2 Seas Represents: English (USA & Canada), French, Dutch, Portuguese, and Nordic rights.

Rights Sold: Rights Sold: USA (Amberjack, NA, at auction)


England’s Lane, explores timeless themes of love, loss, betrayal and new beginnings. Told from the point of view of three people – a man, his wife, and his mistress – the book looks at the cost of marital infidelity and the challenges of single motherhood, the legacy of suicide and the healing power of love. — The Booksell

A harrowing but ultimately hopeful look at the fallout of infidelity and recovery. — Sunday Mirror

A powerful debut . . . It seems the gift of great storytelling really can run in the genes. — The Daily Mirror

Woolf handles multiple characters with insouciance […] Beautifully constructed […] traces of Virginia Woolf in Emma’s evocative scenes […] England’s Lane carries some of Virginia’s illustrative quality. — Maggie Humm is the author of Talland House and the editor of The Edinburgh Companion to Virginia Woolf and the Arts.

An exploration of the cost of marital infidelity and the challenges of single motherhood, the legacy of suicide and the healing power of love authored by Emma Woolf, great-niece of Virginia Woolf

It was never Lily’s intention to get involved with a married man. From the outside, it looked straightforward enough: an attractive young woman falls for her wealthy, powerful boss. Harry is a kind but troubled man, and their relationship is far from straightforward.

When Harry kills himself, he leaves behind a wife and two young children. And Lily. 

Shocked and grieving, she faces a wall of silence surrounding Harry’s suicide. And then she discovers that Harry has left behind more than he intended.

Left alone to bring his baby into the world, Lily has no choice but to rebuild her life. When she becomes a mother, she begins to wonder about her own father. What happened all those years ago during Lily’s childhood: why did he walk out on his family? When she and her siblings are reunited with their absent father, the consequences go far beyond what any of them could have imagined.

Emma Woolf was born in London, and is the great-niece of legendary author Virginia Woolf. Emma studied English at Oxford University before working in publishing for ten years. She then went freelance as a journalist and broadcaster, and has written for The Times, Telegraph, Guardian, Daily Mail and Cosmopolitan, among others.

This is Emma’s debut novel, but she has previously had six non-fiction books published. Her non-fiction includes the bestselling An Apple a Day (2012), The Ministry of Thin (2013), Letting Go (2015), Positively Primal (2016), The A-Z of Eating Disorders (2017) and Wellbeing (2018). Her first novel, Ways of Escape, was published in 2014.