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Empty Spain (La España Vacía)



Original Language: Spanish | 292 pp. | 2016

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and English rights (USA & Canada).

Rights Sold: Italy (Sellerio), the Netherlands (De Blauwe Tijger).

Over 50,000 copies sold

English sample available

Winner of the Madrid Bookseller Prize


“Entirely natural, with a freedom of spirit that is a privilege of his generation, Sergio del Molino makes a powerful declaration of love to that which is real in his life (…) which seems to resemble the serene and critical love of his examination of the country.” — Antonio Muñoz Molina, El País

“A sensibility that transcends. The best literature to emerge from recent times” — Montero Glez

“It was necessary that someone sat down to write this book that didn’t exist. Sergio del Molino has done it. If this book was about France (…) it would be compulsory reading before long.” — Andrés Barba, El Cultural de El Mundo

“[La España vacía is] possibly the most important book, even necessary, to be published in this country for a long time.” — Julio Llamazares El País

A historical, biographical and sentimental journey through an uninhabited country within Spain.

In only twenty years, between 1950 and 1970, the Spanish countryside became empty. The consequences of this exodus mark the character of Spain today.

An exciting and necessary work on the roots of an imbalance that inflicts as much harm on the city as the countryside.

It is a journey through the towns and villages of an empty Spain and an analysis of the interwoven literature, cinema and history.