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Einstein, Sex and Myself (Einstein, le Sexe et Moi)



Original Language: French | 234 pp. | August 2018

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, English (USA & Canada) and Nordic Countries rights.

Winner of the Grand Prix des Blogueurs Littéraires 2018


“So humorous at its own expense, Einstein, Sex and Myself isn’t a revengeful or piteous novel. On the contrary, it is the expression of a self-liberation. “Welcome to my world” says Olivier Liron in the foreword. We are very well received indeed.” — Livres Hebdo

“It is a deep reflection on how to be in the world, on differences and the acceptation or refusal of those differences. We are charmed by Olivier Liron’s almost old-fashion conception of love, by his heightened and rhythmical language and his acute sense of the world and of himself. It is rare, indeed, to come across novels that will put a smile on your face and make you laugh till you cry and yet offer you a necessary and beneficial reflection.” — Le Monde

“I am autistic: Asperger syndrome. But let me reassure, it is not a disease. I am just different. Now, let me tell you a story. It all started when I was a contestant on the TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire… ”

After a first well-received novel, The Dance of Golden Atoms, Olivier Liron is back with a novel between the autobiography and the confession, which is bright, funny and smart. All his life, people told Olivier Liron, who has Asperger’s, that he was weird. During the show Who Want to Be a Millionaire, the novelist looks back on his life. A gifted child bullied by his classmates, a young man unable to understand the rules of social life, he has to fight to find where he belongs. But how can he succeed when there is this deep gap between him and others? If life is a story full of cruelty, sound and fury, from Liron’s life arises a deeply moving and imaginative tale. One that tells much more about the hideous and hateful power of the norm than many serious essays on the subject.

Olivier Liron, 1987, writes screenplays, novels and is an actor. An accomplished trained pianist, you can find a specific narrative rhythm in his novels. After The Dance of Golden Atoms (Alma, 2016), Einstein, Sex and Myself is his second novel.