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My Dog Klondike (Il mio cane del Klondike)



Original Language: Italian | 192 pp. | November 2017

2 Seas Represents: Dutch Rights

Two-time recipient of the Premio Mondello; winner of the Premio Rapallo Carige, the Premio Grinzane Cavour, and the Premio Fenice Europa; and twice shortlisted for the Premio Strega.


Osac Trofic is a dog with name and surname, an indomitable creature in the mould of Jack London, a huge black wolf capable of inciting fear but who is, above all, blindly devoted to the woman who saved his life. She found him outside school one sultry September, lying on the pavement more dead than alive, and decided to take him home. She’s a young teacher struggling with a precarious job and an unexpected pregnancy. He’s one of those dogs bought to keep a kid happy after the summer holidays, and then, when the next holidays come around, thrown into the street in his too-tight steel collar. Their meeting seems to be fated but living together soon turns out to be more problematic than expected. Because Osac is a dog without half measures, a wild animal that looks like he hails from Klondike, but who isn’t a husky. Osac is one of those indomitable characters who are always on the run, who hear the ‘call of the wild’, and who resist being tamed. A primitive animal who doesn’t let anyone get in way of his exclusive and unconditional relationship with his saviour, not even her unborn child.

Romana Petri was born in Rome and currently lives between Rome and Lisbon. An editor, translator and literary critic, she collaborates with “La Stampa.” Her books include Tutta la vita (Longanesi, 2011), Figli dello stesso padre (Longanesi, 2013). With Neri Pozza, she has published: La serenata del ciclone (2015), Ti Spiego (2015), and Alle Case Venie (2016).