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Distaste (Dégoût)



Original Language: French | 298 pages | April 2012

2 Seas Represents: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish Rights.


Written by a scriptwriter who is used to sturdy characters, Distaste offers a highly original variation on the theme of betrayal, as well as a surprising journey into the world of luxury hotels.

After a stupid motorcycle accident, young corporate lawyer Bart finds himself forever deprived of his sense of smell, his taste and his libido. Anosmic. And disfigured as well. Caught in the darkest depths of despair, while he has already abandoned his wife, his job and his friends, he decides to end this meaningless and above all flavorless life. But his meeting with RR, the owner of a luxury hotel group, takes his mind off this project: Bart agrees to become his personal sniffer.

Because the accident has developed a new sense in Bart: the ability to detect the true intentions of the people with whom he interacts. The very bad ones in particular… This is an invaluable talent for RR, who is a fearful and paranoid business man. Bart’s clairvoyant distaste is the perfect filter: it allows him to know whom he can trust, and to avoid and eliminate the bad apples.

In exchange for this expertise, RR offers Bart refined culinary evenings, money, a very special doctor… And something that starts to look like the beginning of a friendship.