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Devil’s Trill and Other Modulations (El trino del diablo y otras modulaciones)



Original Language: Spanish (Argentina) | 232 pp. | 2008 (new edition)

2 Seas Represents: Dutch & English Translation Rights (USA & Canada).

Rights Sold: Italy (Nottetempo)
Full English and French translations available


Introduction by Mario Benedetti.

Daniel Moyano (Buenos Aires 1930, Madrid 1992) was befriended with García Márquez, Cortázar, Juan Gelman and Mario Benedetti among many other great South American writers. In 1985 he was awarded with the prestigious Juan Rulfo Award. From 1960, when “Artistas de variedades” was published, Moyano published eight short stories books and five novels.

Considered to be one of the best South American novels of the last decades, Devil’s Trill and Other Modulations is first of all a fascinating story that can create a magical atmosphere.

Its main character, Triclinio the violinist, lives out of the time, in a world he barely sees, symbolizing pureness in a country spoiled by ambition and poetical madness that tries to face the violence of the power.

This edition is completed with six other stories in which Moyano’s impressive skills are expressed with all their strength. From “Tia Lila” to “Desde los parques” or “Tiermusik”, the anecdotal detail is soon dissolved into a symbolic orchestration that brings us to the best pages written by Pavese or Kafka.

Everything is music in Moyano’s prose, and these wonderful “modulations” are telling us a lot about the art of survival in a world completely alien to harmony.

Published in the 1980s and 1990s in the UK by Serpent’s Tail, in France by Robert Laffont, and in Italy by Giunti. All rights have reverted.