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Football as Noir Fiction (Débordements. Sombres histoires de football 1930-2016)



Original Language: French | 128 pp. | May 2016

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Nordic and English (USA & Canada) Rights.

English Sample Available

Over 2,000 copies sold.


A world tour of ambivalence of the king of sports in the 21st century. – L’Humanité

Football as Noir Fiction stages with great rigor and a true narrative art these “excesses” in the football history. – Le Monde

It is primarily about men of power and greed, in the form of novellas as dark as realistic. A collection of decadent stories… Le Télégramme

To devour at half-time. – Lire

These dark stories about football offer a singular and original vision of the great facts of our society that have marked the twentieth and twenty-first century. L’Athlète

These stories vibrate with a deep passion that drives many of us. – La Cause Littéraire

Football isn’t always the party we would like it to be. The sombre fates of 13 sporting figures reveal the excesses and schizoid character of an arena where ambition, politics and money make for very uncomfortable bedfellows.

There are the sportsmen sacrificed on the altar of politics. Others whose celebrity overnight fortunes and rapid social ascension cause them to lose all touch with reality. And then there is the lure of profit, which rides roughshod over all the rules. Such is the dark side of this sport, which is the stuff of dreams for children of every continent the world over.

In these previously unpublished feature articles, some covering very recent affairs, two sports journalists and social commentators and one leading connoisseur of football analyse in depth the more wayward chapters in the history of this sport, while also describing the eras and societies out of which these excesses were born.

A historical and sociological approach to a collection of remarkable and emblematic destinies, designed to appeal to the diehard fan and casual spectator alike.

These chronicles, written by masters of their art, read like pieces of noir fiction. Each feature is prefaced by a line-art illustration depicting a symbolic element of the story being narrated. Up to the minute news from Europe: Euro 2016.


Mathias Sindelar (Austria, 1930s); Rino della Negra and Alexandre Villaplane (France, 1940s); Eduard Streltsov (URSS, 1958 to 1960s); Rachid Mekhloufi (Algeria, 1958 to 1960s); Ramón Quiroga (Argentina-Peru, 1978); Tony Adams and Paul Merson (England, 1990s); Željko Ražnatović, known as ‘Arkan’ (former Yugoslavia, 1990s); Breno Vinicius Rodrigues Borges (Brazil, 1990s); Godwin Opkara (Niger, 2000s); Lucciano Moggi (Italy, 2000s); Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza (Brazil, 2010); Kim Jong-hun (North Korea, 2010); Jean-Pierre Bernès (France).


Alice Gravier (illus.), W. Gasparini (afterword).