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Corps a Corps (Touchées)



Original Language: French | 224 pp. | September 2019

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Nordic and World English Rights

Rights sold: Germany (Splitter)


Attack, defend, hit and be hit… Women who have been victims of violence get a chance to rebuild themselves and reconnect with others thanks to a therapeutic fencing program.

Lucie sleeps with a knife in her hand. She lives in fear, terrified by any man. Tamara is a fighter, constantly on guard: to make sure she’s never going to be a victim again, she’s become the aggressor. As for Nicole, she has chosen to withdraw. She is erasing herself, disappearing so she can’t be a target anymore. All three were the victims of sexual violence.

To get back on track, three women pick up swords. Attack, defend, hit and be hit… They will be able to rebuild themselves and reach out to others thanks to a therapeutic fencing program. A year-long program to save themselves and take control of their own lives once again.

Quentin Zuttion is an illustrator for the press and comic books. His work explores contemporary love stories and journeys of self-discovery. His soft, fleshy style draws on Brecht Evens, Julie Maroh and Egon Schiele. His previous graphic novel, Call Me Nathan, has been sold in Germany, Japan, Korea and Spain.