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Cooking, an Emotion (Cuisiner, un sentiment)



Original Language: French | 256 pages | April 2010

2 Seas Represents: Danish, Dutch, English (USA & Canada), Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Swedish Rights.


Every Thursday, Jacky Durand shows us around in the kitchen in his foody column. This book stems from these nuggets, which have been carefully selected, re-seasoned, and made even more tasteful to satisfy our palate. It is the perfect companion for the food lover and it will appeal to readers of Anthony Bourdain as well as to those who have always been fascinated by the unique relationship the French have with cooking.

Durand believes that beyond the technique and recipes you find the people and kitchen stories are often life stories. The kitchen table, its sink and its furnaces bring opportunities for encounters: with a part of France, a small food market, a fruit, a season, a cheese and the person who makes it.

These beautifully written columns are moving because for this curious and generous journalist, cooking is an emotional matter: it is the quickest way to see, hear, smell, touch and taste one’s contemporaries. Amidst the turmoil of our days and world, which has been turned upside down—don’t we eat strawberries during winter time?—cooking becomes a path that leads to philosophy, measurement, the rhythm of the seasons, and sharing.

This book shows the movement of a gourmet who loves food markets, inventing recipes, and traveling through places and seasons according to his desires. Yet we also follows in the footsteps of our own memories and meaningful past rituals, since cooking is also a matter of memory and transmission.

Combining sketches of Durand’s meetings, personal reflections, considerations on the world as it goes, and recipes, without the slightest hint of nostalgia, this book will make your mouth water and your heart fill up with emotions. Because life is vaster when you’re cooking with your heart.