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Conversations with Emmanuel Levinas 1992-1994 (Entretiens avec Emmanuel Levinas 1992-1994)



Original Language: French | 187 pp. | 2006

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

Rights Sold: USA (Duquesne UP), Chinese simplified characters (Horizon Media), Korea (Dongmoonsun), Poland (Aletheia), Serbia (Albatros Plus), and Turkey (Alfa Basim Yayim)

Full English translation available


Followed by Levinas Between Philosophy and Jewish Thought 

It is as a disciple that Michaël de Saint-Cheron undertook to “converse with a Emmanuel Levinas in the evening of his life.” An ultimate conversation, full of twilight and hope, tenderness and admiration. It is about, as it often occurs with the writer of Totalité et infini, the place of the feminine in its way towards a transcendence of otherness, the concept of time in Bergson‘s philosophy, Paul Ricoeur, his vision of the end of history” at a time when the communist Empire of the Western world was collapsing. We also find strong words about Levinas‘s conception of literature (through Dostoyevsky, Proust and Kafka) or this Jewish-Christian dialogue in which the great philosopher played such a demanding part.

These conversations are followed by a few studies dedicated to Levinas’s ethics in his confrontation with some classical texts from the Talmud and contemporary thought.

Michaël de Saint-Chéron is a researcher at Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle university. He also is the author of a dozen books (about Paul Ricoeur, Elie Wiesel, André Malraux…) and a great connoisseur of the relationships between the monotheistic religions and the two great religions of India : Hinduism and Buddhism. He was one of the last confidants of E. Levinas.