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The Conspiracy of Accursed Monks (La congiura dei monaci maledetti)



Original Language: Italian | 360 pp. | September 2017

2 Seas Represents: Dutch rights.


An obscure series of murders, a mysterious sect determined to exact revenge, a disappeared testament leaving a long trail of blood behind itself

2016: Five murders between Palermo, Florence and the Vatican. The victims seem to have nothing in common. It is the perfect occasion for Sergio Nato, a young and enthusiast Sicilian reporter, to give some impetus to his career helping the police to discover more.

The case turns out to be a setting of scores lasting many centuries and the weapon of all murders is a sixteenth-century dagger belonging to the secret sect of Frateschi, whose members want to take revenge for Girolamo Savonarola – hanged because he was troublesome for papacy – and to bring his moralizer message to the world. The boss of the Frateschi sect, Rodolfo Ramponi de’ Magni, is planning many murders and attacks – the most important of which in the Sistine Chapel. Will Sergio Nato and police officers charged of the case succeed in getting to the highest levels of the sect and stop Ramponi de’ Magni’s evil plan?

Set in Palermo, Florence, and Rome, the sect brings back to light a conflict that remained dormant for five centuries.