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The Comforter (De Trooster)



Original Language: Dutch | 224 pp. | March 2018

2 Seas Represents: French & Portuguese Rights

Under option: France, Germany, Turkey

English sample available

Over 16,000 copies sold

By the winner of the Frans Kellendonk Oeuvre Prize 2014

Author of the Gift of the Dutch Book Week 2016, BROTHER, printed at 700,000 copies

De Geus


‘With The Comforter, Gerritsen takes her oeuvre to the next level.’ **** NRC Handelsblad

‘Gerritsen moves the reader with her refined, intelligent descriptions of human failure.’ **** De Volkskrant

‘Not only the choice of her subjects, but also her sense of style make Gerritsen an ‘hors catégorie’. Her absurdist logic and subtle humoristic voice make every sentence in her novels and columns a ‘typical Gerritsen’.– Jury Frans Kellendonk Prize

The Comforter is a novel on faith, meaning and escaping responsibility.

Completely against the established rules a new guest at the monastery is received by Jacob, the concierge. Initially Jacob acts reluctant, as he is aware of the hierarchy within the order. But gradually a relationship develops between the devout concierge and his guest, who has a crime weighing on his conscience. Jacob starts to lose himself in the attention he receives and is willing to go far to preserve the friendship.

Esther Gerritsen sets up a parallel story between that of the concierge and the story of Christ’s Way of the Cross. In her well-known keen manner, she dissects relationships between people, the expectations and interests involved, whilst questioning the self-evidence of matters.