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Come Here So I Can Kill You, Beautiful (Viens là que je te tue ma belle)



Original Language: French | 128 pp. | 2008

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

This book was awarded the Prix de Flore for young Readers 2007.

Clack, clack, clack, clack… I love listening to the noise my boots’ heels on the white marble of my lobby. When I pass the mirror, I catch my reflection, glossy in the silver vastness, repeating itself… repeating itself… ‘til infinity. I stay looking at myself for a few seconds. Then, when everything is perfect, when my hair shines in the light of the last rays of sunset, when the black kohl on my eyes hides the traces of last night‘s rings… And only then… I begin to admire me. I must be perfect.


Press reviews:

“With his first novel…Boris Bergmann, 15, was the talk of the town. He is romancing his rock emancipation in contact with a band of styled musician buddies.”-  Jalouse

“With its sleek and punchy style, the baby-rocker Boris Bergmann is making poetry sparks and yet with maturity.” – Julia Cerrone, Paris Match