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Original Language: French | 208 pp. | January 2018

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Nordic, and North American Rights


She is a lawyer, and labour law is her field. Working for a modest law firm, she defends those who no longer understand what is happening to them. Panicked and incredulous, they are sacked or bullied, they resist, they fight and they jump through hoops to keep their heads above water. Like a figurehead, the lawyer listens to them and defends them, but at the end of her warlike days, she tries to lose herself in the streets of Paris, to distance herself and to ease the mental burden, seeking to forget for a moment the concerns of others and the harshness of the system. This dual-perspective book blends the life of the professional lawyer with the private life of the woman. Drawing on her own experiences, Cécile Reyboz speaks eloquently of the legal profession, the inhumane way in which people are often treated in the French workplace, and how professional and private lives are dragged down into a swamp of power and money relations in which the weak, who are dependent on the strong, find themselves trampled underfoot.