Chasing Excellence

Author: Bergeron, Ben

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January 2017



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Health & Lifestyle, Sport

Chasing Excellence

Author: Bergeron, Ben

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Ben’s ability to develop mental toughness and the approach he shares in Chasing Excellence is a game changer for athletes in any sport. Javier Vazquez, Major League Baseball All-Star

You need to know absolutely nothing about CrossFit to appreciate the wisdom and incisiveness of Chasing Excellence. Ben Bergeron has written a must-have handbook on how to take your mental toughness, career, relationships and your life to the next level. Chris Hinshaw, Professional Triathlete and winner of Ironman Brazil

This book will do for you what Ben has done for me–take you to the next level and show you how to be the best. His insights on the mental game are second to none. You will feel prepared for anything.  Bethany Hart-Gerry, US Olympic Bobsled Team

CrossFit trainer Ben Bergeron has helped build the world’s fittest athletes, but he’s not like other coaches. He believes that greatness is not for the elite few; that winning is a result, not a goal; and that character, not talent, is what makes a true champion. His powerful philosophy can help anyone excel at all aspects of life.

Using the dramatic competition between the top contenders at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games as a background, Ben explores the step-by-step process of achieving excellence and the unique set of positive character traits necessary for levelling up to world-class. The mindset and methodology that have produced some of the greatest athletes in the world’s most gruelling sport can work equally well for golfers, lawyers, artists, entrepreneurs—anyone who’s willing to commit totally to becoming better than the best.

By Chasing Excellence, you’ll discover how extraordinary it’s possible for you to be.