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A Charismatic Fault (Een charismatisch defect)



Original Language: Dutch | 256 pp. | February 2017

2 Seas Represents: World Excl Dutch

English sample available.

For readers of Niña Wijers and Hanna Bervoets


‘Kelder writes with just the perfect amount of ambiguity. It makes us doubt the lefticism of the past.’ — Het Parool

‘A clearly written and amazingly readable story.’ — Leeuwarder Courant

‘The novel is alarming, raw and exhales fantastic psychological insight.’ — Elle

‘Kelder shows again that she plays with language. She tells her story in beautiful and poetic sentences. A Charismatic Fault will stay with you for long after reading and measures up to the high expectations of the reader.’ — **** Hebban

‘In A Charismatic Fault Kelder shows a great insight in human behaviour and thought processes. Because of the intriguing characters and wonderful style this book had a charismatic effect on me’. — **** Boekenkrant

‘A very well written novel. So intriguing, it was hard to put down.’ — NBD Biblion

‘Eva Kelder writes beautifully.’ — Wim Daniëls (writer)

‘This novel is great and adventurous but also small, almost reminiscent of everyday life. Beautiful in language and style – poetry and banality go hand in hand. Read this book!’ — Annemarie de Gee (writer)

Eva Kelder has created/composed a novel that pulls you into a 60’s mindset with her flowery way of writing.’ —

‘A worthy follow-up to Eva’s debut novel.’ —

‘A beautiful psychological novel.’ ‘A wonderful novel.’ —

‘Eva Kelder’s beautiful debut has shown that she has her own literary voice. In a charismatic fault, you notice that she has truly grown as an author. Such a beautiful novel! Gorgeous sentences, rich language, written sensually and with a lot of human insight. I am a fan!’ — Anja Duitsmann van Linnaeus Boekhandel (bookstore)

‘A charismatic fault is an atmospheric and exciting novel that captures the spirit of time.’ —

‘Eva Kelder knows how to captivate the reader with her wonderful sentences. A pleasure to read!’ —

An unparalleled story of the ruthless pursuit of ideals and the power of the past

When the charismatic Blake Chesterfield invades the tumultuous Amsterdam of the late sixties, nothing will ever be the same again. He wants to make the world a better place— at all costs. It offers April an escape from her typical small-town existence. Blake carries powerful appeal and he soon gathers a crowd of followers. When the commune devises an attack against “the face of capitalism,” April is faced with a moral choice: which evil should be contested, the evil on the outside or the evil within?

Decades later, when an old acquaintance enters her carefully shielded life, April is confronted by an unwelcome memory. How do you come to terms with a past that was never completely yours?

A Charismatic Fault is an unparalleled novel about the illusion of freedom. Once again, Eva Kelder dissects human fragility with sharp-witted finesse.

Praise for It Seemed Quieter Than It Used To Be (Het leek stiller dan het was):

“Eva Kelder put herself on the map as a literary talent. She offers tremendous insight into human behavior and thought processes.” — Opzij

“An accurate and poignant image of a woman who gets tangled up in herself because of her past. Beautiful.” — Margriet

“A beautiful debut about how you can go on feeling like a little girl as your world gets bigger.” — Marie Claire

“Clear and in your face. Hits the nail on the head. A debut author who can really write!” — Zin