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Cats in History (Chats : Les 100 qui ont fait l’histoire)



Original Language: French | 166 pp. | 2015

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French

Over 10,000 copies sold


100 cats who made history!

Cats escort historical great men and women ever since Antiquity!

Dorica Lucaci intend to offer us a book gathering 100 cats’ portraits who had a role in history.

On the menu: Egyptian cats, Napoleon, second world war or Stalingrad’s battle cats, Cathar cats, the Templar’s ones… Obviously, the author talks about famous couples by enlighten us about the favourites cats of Richelieu, Colbert, Louis XV, Winston Churchill, General De Gaulle or even from the CIA!

Great people’s friend or foe, the cat is in turn simple witness, symbolical victim or national hero!

A fascinating time-travel trip to discover amazing cats who took a great part of history!