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Catissimo! The Cat Encyclopedia (Catissime! L’encyclopédie du chat)



Original Language: French | 368 pp. | October 2018

2 Seas Represents: World excl French rights.

Rights Sold: Poland (Andromeda)

Under option: Portugal, Spain, Catalan, Italy, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Netherlands, Brazil, Canada French, Estonia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, Hungary, Vietnam, World English


The cat’s Bible! 1001 facts about your favorite animal.

The cat is the French’s favorite animal and they’re billions to worship them to no ends. Author of best-seller How to Live Like Your Cat Stéphane Garnier gathers in Catissimo! every piece of information that cat-lovers may enjoy knowing. Miscellaneous news items that five good images of cats, cats with famous owners, inspirational quotes about felines, incredibles charts, anecdotes… every pages of this book is written at the cat’s glory!

Among those 1001 facts, lots of them are going to surprise the most knowledgable cat-lovers! An ideal gift-book who those who want make all cat-fans go “Meow!”