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Cati. A Tale Of Power



Original Language: Italian | 240 pp | September 2017

2 Seas Represents: Dutch
A bitter-sweet story about women’s power, rebellion and female friendship. 
Cati is young and restless. She hates everyone surrounding her, but most of all herself. When her mother – a larger-than-life punkish barmaid – dies by accident, Cati’s life suddenly changes. Instead of dancing to rock music with her exuberant mum, she now lives in the tidy house of her father – whom she has never met before – with him and and his horrible girlfriend, Titti, “the queen of Pilates”. Cati vents her rage against life by eating too much, daydreaming and making trouble: sometimes her arms and legs escape her control worsening her situation. But the unattended encounter, in her cellar, with Seraphine – a homeless woman, or maybe a witch? – will change her life and help her discover the power she has inside, finding an escape route from her black rebellion towards a happier life. An intense novel with an extraordinary protagonist, where humor mixes with gloom. A story in which feminine friendship is the only way of salvation.