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Casa Familia



Original Language: Dutch | 272 pp. | April 2017

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. Dutch

Over 10,000 copies sold


“A must-read for Dutch thriller fans.” —

“Thrilling stuff in Andalusia.” — Margiet

“Smooth writing, imaginative and compelling plot, great characters. Nathalie Pagie definitely has a talent for writing thrillers. Highly recommended!” —

A new sensational thriller with Tara and Diego, from Birds of Paradise, taking place at the sunny coast of Spain.

A survival weekend in the Belgian Ardennes gives journalist Tara Linders the perfect opportunity to get to know her new colleagues. If only she didn’t hate survival and group activities in general. She’d much rather venture out on her own to explore the surroundings. To her partner Diego Martinez this weekend is the perfect distraction from his problems at home; he takes on the activities with all his heart. When Tara gets involved in a scuffle near a local bar, she meets a few unsavory types who are obviously hiding something, but what? And what is taking place in the abandoned hospital in the middle of the forest? Tara and Diego take it upon themselves to investigate. The macabre finding of a child’s hand leads them to Andalucía in Spain, where the mastermind behind the entire operation is hiding. Will Tara and Diego find him before more victims will fall?

Praise for Birds of Paradise:

A page-turner with a fabulous plot, and great protagonists with surprising character traits. Suspenseful until the end. – Nbd Biblion

Red-hot suspense in paradise. – BN/De Stem