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Candy Jaunt (Snoepreis)



Original Language: Dutch | 224pp | September 2013

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

English sample available!

Depending on the publisher and the quality of the translation, translations from the Dutch can be funded by the Dutch Foundation for literature.


Boris is a ten year old who likes comics, superheroes, dinky toys and candy. After his parents’ divorce, they fight fiercely over the guardianship. To escape the father’s demands, Boris’ mother takes him to Spain, where she is from. But what seems like an exciting adventure at the start soon derails into a flight: without a goal and without money, the mother and son roam from family member to lover-for-a-night, hitch-hiking and sleeping wherever they are tolerated.

Boris finds refuge in wild fantasies and daydreams, and a hallucinating addiction to candy and chocolate. Finally, his mother collapses and a confrontation becomes ineviable…

In a light, ironic, sensitive style, Victor Meijer takes us on a bittersweet, unsettling journey with a surprising end.

Praise for Victor Meijer’s debut novel Miskend talent:

‘A well written and very pleasant debut. I already look forward to Victor Meijer’s second book.’

‘Light, agreeable style.’ NBD/Biblion

‘Miskend talent is not only entertaining, but also intriguing, and rises above the level of unpretentious humour.’