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Brazilian Saga: A people’s long struggle for its currency (A Saga Brasileira: A Longa Luta De Um Povo Por Sua Moeda)



Original Language: Brazilian Portuguese | 476 pp. | 2010

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish & Chinese Simplified Rights.

English Sample Available

BRAZILIAN SAGA stayed at the top of bestseller lists, selling over 70,000 copies!

Awards: The Jabuti Prize for Best Reportage Book of 2011 and also the Best Non-Fiction book of the year. The Jabuti prize is Brazil’s biggest literary prize, and virtually the only one for Non-Fiction.

Click here for a very insightful and clear keynote presentation of the book in English.

From hyperinflation to price freezing, failed plans, the confiscation of citizens’ savings accounts by the Fernando Collor government, to the Real Plan, Miriam Leitão, one of Brazil’s most respected economic journalists, shows how Brazilians suffered and resisted until the economy stabilized. In this authoritative book about Brazil’s recent history, Miriam provides a unique panorama of Brazilian’s relationship with their currency and how it played a fundamental role in the construction of a national identity. With moving human stories and economic analysis, Brazilian Saga, which stayed over six months on the top of best seller lists and sold over seventy thousand copies, reveals how efforts to attain stability helped shape Brazilian society.