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The Book (Le Livre)



Original Language: English/French/Spanish | 80 pp. | May 2017

2 Seas represents: Dutch, Nordic and English (USA & Canada) Rights.

Rights sold: Italy (Logos)

English, French and Spanish versions available

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A blend of literary beauty and virtuoso illustrations, this album appeals to a wide readership. Le Livre reinterprets seven episodes from the Old Testament in a modern and particular key.

The creation of the world by God, Abraham’s sacrifice, the passing of the Angel of Death or the questionings of Job. Nicolás Arispe has reworked these biblical narratives (spatially and temporally). Animals are the main protagonists and can be seen as an engineer at a nuclear power plant. Abraham’s sacrifice is played out within a community of polar bears at the North Pole in the vicinity of a wrecked trawler trapped in the ice. Jonah metamorphoses into a wolf aboard a Renaissance ship, and so on.

The merging or inversion of symbols, the allusions to our contemporary world and the half-man, half-beast figures are just some of the marks of Arispe’s originality. Combined with virtuoso illustrations, his approach makes us see familiar stories in a new light and leads us to reconnect at an emotional level, above and beyond our own beliefs, with the poetic and universal dimensions of the Old Testament.

Struck by his creativity, Le Tripode commissioned Le Livre and is being published for the very first time

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