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Bitch (Chienne)



Original Language: French | 120 pp. | September 2019

2 Seas represents: Dutch, Nordic and English North American Rights.


A book of truly mind-blowing power and unapologetic honesty in which the author, based on her own experience, explores the limits of domestic abuse and the struggle towards healing.

The main idea this book is far from simple: to look horror in the eye and not to blink; to describe in detail the appalling brutality of a man who pummels his daughter, keeps her on a leash, forces her to walk on all-fours, to eat under the table; to tell the state of mind of a mother that never bothered to interfere.

Bitch tells the story of a family wherein an all-powerful and sadistic father reigns with terror from the point of view of the victim. With a lucid, caustic, and uncompromising voice this debut novel acts like a bitch that winds up biting back.