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Birds of Paradise (Paradijsvogels)



Original Language: Dutch | 320 pp. | October 2015

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. Dutch.

English sample available

Over 3,000 copies sold


Red-hot suspense in paradise. – BN/De Stem

A great twist at the end and everything is completely different than it seemed. **** –

The tension mounts as the ending nears. –

A pageturner with a fabulous plot, and great main characters with surprising character traits. Suspenseful until the end. – Nbd Biblion

Aruba: one happy island, just not now…

Feisty Dutch journalist Tara Linders goes to Aruba to research an article about successful young entrepreneurs. When she meets a Flemish girl in distress, they fall on a completely different story.

With the help of her colleague Diego Martinez, Tara goes to investigate, and discovers that the island also has some very dark sides. Together they open a bigger can of worms than they had ever thought possible: the luxurious island life appears to be no more than a bubble about to burst. And when the residents turn against her, she will have to fight for her life…

Birds of Paradise is the first book in a series featuring Tara Linders and Diego Martinez.

Praise for Nathalie Pagie’s previous books:

Great plot, right up until the last twist. – De Telegraaf

Powerful debut, thrilling story. –

Both figuratively and literally chilling. – Nouveau