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Beasts’ Habit (L’habitude des bêtes)



Original Language: French | 166 pp. | September 2017

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Nordic countries and English (USA) rights.

Under option: Sweden


The wolves have returned. Half-devoured moose carcasses have been found in the immense wildlife reserve. They say there are two packs roaming the mountain. They have even been seen near the chalets on the shores of the great lake.

Some people see this as a reassuring sign, including Patrice, the young game warden. The predators are multiplying so there must be an abundance of prey.

But the villagers fully understand the threat. The wolf has been man’s enemy since the dawn of time. It will never be possible to share the land with him. So they prepare themselves to clear the mountain before it’s too late. An invisible boundary is drawn, dividing the people into those who are for the wolf hunt and those who are against it. The line splits families and revives old quarrels. Rémi, the woodsman, and Mina, the village’s old wise-woman, know that the worst may come to pass.

But beyond these rivalries, it is the characters’ connection to nature, to the cycles of life and death, and to their own destiny that they must first confront.

Lise Tremblay gives us a powerful novel in which everything that appears to be an irreversible end, an apocalypse, is in fact only nature’s and the world’s vast respiration.