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Be a Jedi & Survive at Work (Soyez un Jedi ! Survivre au bureau mode d’emploi)



Original Language: French | TBC | January 2020

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French Rights

Rights Sold: Slovakia (Citadella)


“The right way this book will show you”

Master Yoda is the wisest and the most powerful.

Yoda knows that we do not share his daily life: we get out of bed every morning, we take a hot coffee too fast and we go to work very quickly. But Yoda teaches us that the forces of evil multiply and take new forms today: a hysterical boss, an unbearable professional task, co-worker without humor, etc.

Yoda and other Star Wars characters will give you their tips in order to get rid of these professional demons. To be more zen thanks to Darth Vader, and to manage a team with the help of Palpatine…

Whether you are employed, manager or boss, whether you spend your day in a tower or a small box: this guide is for you and “May the force be with you”.