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The Battlefield (Le champ de bataille)



Original Language: French | 220 pp. | March 2018

2 Seas Represents: World Excl. French

Under option: Germany


Teen angst… as seen by the parents

The problem with having kids is that they grow up. With no warning, one day they start slamming doors, getting bad grades and talking in monosyllables. Above all, they stop seeing you as perfect. And that can be hard to take.

Science tells us that it is not their fault. It’s their developing brain that makes them lazy, impulsive and incapable of picking up their own socks. But still. Humanity has created nothing worse than the teens of the digital age.

This is the story of a couple pushed to breaking point by the repeat offensives launched by their fifteen-year-old son. They have done nothing wrong. But was has broken out. And they are not ready. The school gives up and the father spins out of control, while the mother is trying desperately to calm everyone down.

A novel about family when emotions are running high, like on a battlefield.


Jérôme Colin was born in 1974. He is a journalist at the RTBF in Belgium, where he presents two television talk shows (Entrez sans frapper and Hep taxi!). His first novel, Avoiding Tolls (Éviter les péages), was published by Allary Editions in 2015.