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The Ayesha Ryder (trilogy)



Original Language: English | 350 pp. | starting October 2014

2 Seas Represents: Dutch and French (excl. Canada) Rights.

Rights Sold: English-Canada (HarperCollins Canada), Belgium (Dutch language, WPG-Manteau).


Synopsis of the first title, Ryder:

A gruesome murder occurs in the midst of historic peace talks in London between Israeli and Palestinian leaders. Fearing a threat to the talks, Scotland Yard calls in Ayesha Ryder, Middle East specialist with a prestigious think-tank to decipher a cryptic message scrawled in blood above the victim’s tortured body. The motive for the murder seems clear to Scotland Yard but Ayesha believes otherwise. Searching for clues at the murder scene, she discovers a hidden letter, written by Lawrence of Arabia himself, hinting at the existence of a British plan regarding Palestine — in the 1930s — and a plot between a member of the British Royal Family and top Nazis. If true, there may be profound ramifications for the fragile peace talks.

An expert on Lawrence’s life, Ayesha begins tracking the subtle clues left by a master of the double bluff. The hunt has barely begun when sinister forces reveal themselves. In a frantic chase through long abandoned Underground tunnels, ancient Roman catacombs and Plague pits beneath the heart of London, Lawrence’s trail of clues leads Ayesha to his famous gold dagger, to an aged former spy who was once his lover, and to the desolate Cornish moors where she endures a cruel confrontation with her own dark past.

Synopsis of the second title, American Treasure:

Fast-paced, edgy, and action-packed, American Treasure marks the return of Ayesha Ryder, a woman digging into history’s most dangerous secrets—and hiding some of her own.

During of the War of 1812, British troops ransacked the White House and made off with valuables that were never returned. Two centuries later, a British curator finds a vital clue to the long-vanished loot. Within hours, the curator is assassinated—and Ayesha Ryder, a Palestinian-born antiquities expert, is expertly framed for his murder.

Who could be behind such a conspiracy? And why do they want Ryder out of the way? To find out, she picks up a trail leading from a mysterious nineteenth-century letter to the upcoming Presidential election. As Ryder dodges killers in the shadow of hidden alliances, sexual blackmail, and international power plays, she finds that all roads lead to the Middle East, where a fragile peace agreement threatens to unravel . . . and another mystery begs to be discovered.

Ryder’s rarefied academic career and her violent past are about to collide. And her only hope of survival is to confront a powerful secret agent who has been waiting for one thing: the chance to kill Ayesha Ryder with his own two hands.

Synopsis of the third title, Bird of Prey:

The Maltese Falcon was no mere tale. The fabulous jeweled golden bird really existed. Still ex- ists, according to the last words of a dying man. Ayesha Ryder is on its trail, for reasons other than the Falcon itself. It is said to contain a clue to the lost burial place of King Harold of Eng- land — seen as a potent symbol by ruthless politicians determined to break up the UK and create a new, independent, English Kingdom. The Falcon may contain a second clue, one few would believe.

Labeled an assassin, hunted by Scotland Yard and Dame Imogen Worsely of MI5, as well as those who want the Falcon and its secrets for themselves, Ayesha joins forces with Joram Tate, a mysterious librarian known to her friend Lady Madrigal, one-time lover of Lawrence of Arabia. With Ayesha’s attraction to Tate growing, they follow clues left by long dead knights to the tomb of a Saxon king, then to ruined Battle Abbey. When the trail leads them to the discovery of a stunning secret hidden for a thousand years beneath an English castle, Ayesha must battle mod- ern killers with medieval weapons before confronting the evil that would destroy her nation.


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The Netherlands (Manteau)