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The Astonishing Power of Colors (L’Etonnant pouvoir des couleurs)



Original Language: French | 192 pp. | May 2014

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and World English Rights.

Rights Sold: Argentina (Ateneo, in Latin America), Canada (Edito – Quebec), Czech Republic (Michal Rybka), China (Chu Chen Books), France-pocket (J’ai lu), Germany (Hanser, at auction), Hungary (Melotrade-Partvonal Kiado), Italy (Ponte Alle Grazie), Japan (CCC Media Hourse), Korea (Esoop at auction), Poland (Sonia Draga), Russia (Sinbad at auction), Taiwan (Business weekly at auction), The Netherlands (Kosmos, at auction), Turkey (Pegasus).

Over 35,000 copies sold


Aimed at a large audience, this best-selling title shows the extraordinary power of colors in our everyday life, supported by astonishing anecdotes and scientific references.

An intriguing look at the way color influences our lives. Causse has become the expert on a topic that is both serious and surprising.— Kate Betts, US fashion journalist (Time, The Daily Beast, CNN…) and author of EVERYDAY ICON. MICHELLE OBAMA AND THE POWER OF STYLE

“Give a sense to color!” can be considered the motto of color designer Jean-Gabriel Causse when he advises his clients in product packaging, work environment, industry as well as private life.

THE ASTONISHING POWER OF COLORS is based on a great number of scientific experiments. It was deliberately written using a light and humoristic tone, making all information easy to read and understand. It is a typical popular scientific work, accessible to the general public.

The author takes us on a journey to the discovery of color, its power and influence in our lives. What are the unconscious choices we make under its influence, and how can color change our perception of things? Paying attention to the colors for a hyperactive child’s bedroom, a meeting room, a setting where decisions have to be made or a room to rest, are the choices of huge significance but mostly left aside by ignorance. THE ASTONISHING POWER OF COLORS increases our awareness of the ubiquitous influence of colors and encourages us to take them into account, down to the choice of the socks we wear.

“Colors have an indisputable influence on human beings. This enlightening book exposes with simplicity and humor all its psychological, physiological and behavioral outlines. A book to put in every hand” – Professor Davide Da Fonseca, Children’s psychiatric consultant, Salvator Hospital, Marseilles

Check out the author’s website at Under the “Press” header you’ll find two short videos showing Jean-Gabriel Causse’s work for the Japanese company Onward as well as the Salvator Hospital in Marseilles, the media coverage of these events, a recent interview with the author around his book at the midday news broadcast of one of the major French TV channels, etc.