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The Arab of the Future vol. 3 (L’Arabe du futur t. 3)



Original Language: French | 160 pp. | October 2016

2 Seas Represents: World Excl French.

Rights Sold: Catalan (Salamandra, 3-book deal, at auction), Germany (Knaus/RandomHouse, at auction, later deals for vols. 2 & 3, 4 & 5), The Netherlands (De Geus, volume 1 at auction, volumes 2 and 3 as 2-book deal), Spain (Salamandra, 3-book deal, at auction), Denmark (Cobolt, 3-book deal), Sweden (Cobolt, 3-book deal, at auction), World English (Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt, pre-empt, 3-book deal), Croatia (Fibra, 3-book deal), UK (Two Roads, 3-book deal), Finland (WSOY), Brazil (Intrinseca, volumes 3 and 4 as 2-book deal), Norway (Minuskel), Korea (Humanist), Portugal (Teorema/Leya), Czech Republic (Baobab), Serbia (System Comics, 4-book deal)

Under option with the publishers who bought rights in The Arab of the Future Vol 1

Over 200,000 copies sold.

Winner of the Ping Award 2018 in Denmark

Official Selection 2017 for the Fauves at the Angoulême International Comics Festival


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This album, like all the others by Sattouf, provokes laughter and fear, distress and tenderness L’Obs 

There is a Riad Sattouf mystery. He never disappoints. – AFP 

It is with undisguised impatience and always the same pleasure that we rediscover young Riad, just turned seven years old – Causette 

The Arab of the Future: all set for another success – La Nouvelle République 

Moving, hilarious, unmissable – Grazia 

In just two volumes, The Arab of the Future has become a worldwide publishing phenomenon. And the third volume of Riad Sattouf’s autobiographical opus, that has just come out (two are still to appear), should follow the same path – Télérama

The Arab of the Future is also a little masterpiece of humour and tenderness – Air le mag

Translated into 17 languages, The Arab of the Future is a publishing phenomenon that doesn’t overwhelm the reader, who feels Riad Sattouf personally takes them by the hand to explore his childhood  – Spirou 

Sattouf has become the master of French comics – Les Inrockuptibles 

Sattouf has the gift of rediscovering how he saw things as a child – Casemate

Volume after volume, [The Arab of the Future] proves just as funny and impressive – Culture bd

The Arab of the Future 3 is like a fun History lesson – the precious account of an already revolutionised time – Zoo 

Riad Sattouf has a true talent for storytelling – Rouen Magazine

Nothing makes [Riad Sattouf] happier than coming across a ‘convert’, one of those readers who hadn’t opened a comic since Tintin or Astérix when they were twelve years old. Until The Arab of The Future came along, that is. And Riad Sattouf has made a fair few ‘convert’ with his autobiographical series whose first two volumes sold over a million copies (700,000 in France) and have been translated into 17 languages. – Paris Normandie

After having followed her husband to Libya and then to Syria, Riad’s mother can’t take any more of village life in Ter Maaleh. She wants to go back to France. Riad sees his father torn between his wife’s aspirations and the weight of family traditions…

The Arab of the Future tells the story of Riad Sattouf’s childhood in the Middle East. The first volume, published in 2014, covers the period from 1978 to 1984: from birth to the age of six, little Riad is shuttled between Libya, Brittany and Syria. The second volume, released in 2015, tells the story of his first year of school in Syria (1984-1985). This third volume sees him between the ages of six and nine, the time he becomes aware of the society he is growing up in. Can you celebrate Christmas in Ter Maaleh? Were there video clubs in Homs? How do children of eight fast for Ramadan? Was Conan the Barbarian circumcised? Were Breton villagers kinder to their animals than their Syrian counterparts? How far will Riad go to please his father? And how far will his father go to become an important man in the Syria of Hafez Al-Assad?

An international publishing phenomenon, the first two volumes of The Arab of the Future have already sold more than 700,000 copies in France and nearly one million worldwide. Translated into 17 languages, the albums have been awarded multiple prizes, including the Grand prix RTL for graphic novels in 2014, the Fauve d’or (Best Album Prize) at the 2015 international festival of graphic novels in Angoulême and the Los Angeles Times Graphic Novel Prize in 2016.

The Arab of the Future will consist of five volumes.



Allary_Sattouf_THE ARAB OF THE FUTURE vol.3_Netherlands_De Geus_April 2017  O árabe do futuro 3 - Brazil  Der Araber von morgen Band 3 von Riad Sattouf  Allary_Sattouf_THE ARAB OF THE FUTURE Vol.3_Finland_WSOY_June 2017     

The Netherlands (De Geus), Brazil (Intrinseca), Germany (Knaus/Randomhouse), Finland (WSOY), Portugal (Teorema-LeYa), Norway (Minuskel), Spain (Salamandra), Catalonia (Català Salamandra), Croatia (Fibra), USA (Metropolitan)