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Animalism As a Political Question: The Manifesto (Manifeste Animaliste: Politiser la cause animale )



Original Language: French | 116 pp. | January 2017

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Nordic and English (US & Canada) rights.

Rights sold: Germany (Turia & Kant), Spain (Reservoir Books/PRH, at auction), Catalan (Rosa dels Vents/PRH, at auction), Korea (Dubulu, at auction), Italy (Sonda), Turkey (Altikirkbes)

English sample available. Full translation available in November 2017


« Everything is said and well explained in little more than a hundred pages: in order to be taken seriously, politicising animal rights is unavoidable. » — Luce Lapin – Charlie Hebdo

« The author’s main objective is well accomplished in the “Animalism As a Political Question: The Manifesto” she has given the reader the keys that will allow him to broaden Humanism to animals. » Philippe Douroux – Libération

This eloquent, short and thought-provoking essay contributes to both animal ethics and political philosophy. It will provide for much interesting debate and will serve as a founding stone for the future of animal rights.

Humans and animals are inextricably bound in a complex web of relationships. This manifesto offers an original and profoundly affirmative vision of how to ground this complex web of relations on principles of justice and compassion.

Underlining what is at stake when we talk about violence towards animals, Corine Pelluchon tries to shift animal rights debate from moral theory to political theory. The animal cause is the cause of mankind, as all humans stablish strong direct and indirect relationships with animals through their lives.

Pelluchon attempts to extend justice to non-human animals in an original and compelling manner, as she convincingly demonstrates that theories of animal rights lacking a political component are inadequate. Traditional citizenship cannot continue excluding animals as coauthors in the destiny of democratic communities.