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An Analysis of Love and Other Topics (Analyse de l’amour et autres sujets)



Original Language: French | 160 pp. | June 2011

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.


This series of texts is mainly what Marcel Conche calls the “necessary return to the Greeks.” In substance, this means thinking the world according only to our resources, those of reason, by setting aside religious ideas (“God,” “the immortal soul,” etc.), even if modern philosophy (with the notable exception of Spinoza) has always been a mix of rationality and theology. In this book, Marcel Conche tries to revive the Greek innocence which holds “Nature” – and not the biblical God – as the cause of all things.

Professor emeritus at the Sorbonne, author of numerous books, specialist of Heraclite and Parménide, Marcel Conche is the thinker of a “Greek wisdom for the modern times.” He is a renowned teacher, with a growing influence on a readership in search of meaning. His return to the Antic moral ethics makes him the most actual elder among philosophers of our time.