Always Eat Left Handed: 15 Surprising Secrets for Killing It At Work And In Real Life

Author: Bhargava, Rohit

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May 2017



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Always Eat Left Handed: 15 Surprising Secrets for Killing It At Work And In Real Life

Author: Bhargava, Rohit

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  • #1 Best Selling Self Help > Happiness Book On Amazon (First Edition)
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  • 2017 FOREWORD INDIE and 2017 International Book Awards Finalist in the category Career


“Positively addictive … the most entertaining ‘business book’ I’ve read this year.” — DAN ROAM, author of “Draw To Win” 
“A rare treat with an illuminating point of view you probably haven’t heard before. I adored this book.” — NANCY DUARTE, CEO of Duarte, Inc. and best-selling author
“The opposite of any career advice book I’ve ever read … a jolt of brutal honesty.”  — BEN TUBUO, Manager of Supplier Diversity – Walt Disney Company
” A counterintuitive, smart, and entertaining career guide that’s relevant – and necessary – for today.”  — DORIE CLARK, author of Reinventing You and Stand Out, and adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business
“Good for the world-weary young millennial, who has had it up to their eyeballs with well-meaning advice.” — GABRIELLA MIRABELLI, CEO ANATOMY & Host Up Next Podcast
“A unique and actionable guide on how to build the network you’ve always dreamed of.” — CLARA SHIH, Founder and CEO of Hearsay and Member, Starbucks Board Of Directors
“A powerful little book that will help you break down barriers, stand out and get the success you deserve.”  — GLORIA BELL, Co-Founder, Women in Tech 
“This book will entertain and inspire you to be more intentional about how you find joy and success.” — MALLIKA CHOPRA, Author of Living With Intent
“This engaging book lays out the secrets anyone can use to get ahead – simply by being a little different.” — MELANIE NOTKIN, founder and bestselling author of SAVVY AUNTIE and Otherhood 
“This no-nonsense guide will help you avoid the most common mistakes people make when starting out in their careers.”— DAN SCHAWBEL, New York Times bestselling author of Promote Yourself and Me 2.0

ALL NEW Second Edition Coming in Print for the first time MAY 1st, 2017!

ALWAYS EAT LEFT HANDED is an entertainingly irreverent help-self book from Wall Street Journal bestselling author and occasional Georgetown University professor Rohit Bhargava filled with brutally honest secrets of success no one has ever dared to tell you.

Start smoking? Be a cross-dresser? Procrastinate more? Make people cry? Learn to yodel?

Reading just a few of these “secrets,” you might wonder if this book is serious. Indeed, it is. Through a bite-size collection of 15 quirky and insightful stories told in a highly readable non-boring style, you’ll learn how to:

  • Think faster on your feet when things go wrong
  • Be the type of person everyone wants to work with
  • Get better at starting (and ending) conversations
  • Find resilience after failure without losing optimism
  • Stand out by being the most approachable person in any room

For anyone sick of hearing you should do what you love, take more risks and make mistakes, this empowering book is like a desperately needed pair of noise-canceling headphones for uselessly obvious advice. Instead, Always Eat Left Handed offers a real world, no-nonsense playbook for getting ahead in school, work and life by doing exactly the opposite of what most people tell you. Starting, of course, with eating left handed.

Rohit Bhargava is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of five books, occasional Georgetown University professor, and award-winning storyteller who has been invited to speak at events in 32 countries around the world. After spending 15 years working in corporate America and Australia, Rohit became an entrepreneur and is currently the founder of three successful businesses. He is based in Washington DC with his wife and two young boys, and believes that the most entertaining and impactful “job” he will ever have is being a great dad and teaching his sons to be kind when no one expects it, curious about the things others take for granted, and confident enough to change the world.


Spain (Planeta Mexico), Korea (Baru Books), Russia (Alpina), Taiwan (Commonwealth Publishing), China (CITIC)