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After Delphine (Na Delphine)



Original Language: Dutch | 320 pages | 2010

2 Seas Represents: Translation Rights Worldwide.


Delphine Zomerland has it all: a good marriage, two lovely daughters, a successful career and a group of close friends. However, one day she leaves everyone behind and disappears without a trace. Her best friend Nina is left in despair.

Why did Delphine not say anything before she left? And did she indeed leave voluntarily?

While trying to find the truth, Nina comes up against a wall of resistance from the group of friends. She realises she is on her own in her search for Delphine. Nina discovers that Delphine has lived a double life. Even her friends are not who they appear to be. Will revealing the thruth be worth the costs?

Siska Mulder shows how thin the line between love and hate is.

Also available with 2 Seas Agency by the same author: her debut novel Deaf.