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A Thousand Stolen Roses (Mil Rosas Roubadas)



Original Language: Brazilian Portuguese | 280 pp. | 2014

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic and World English rights.

Rights sold: Argentina (Editorial Corregidor), Italy (Baldini & Castoldi).

English sample and full Spanish translation available!

Winner of the Oceanos Literature Prize for Portuguese language.


In 1952, two boys casually meet in Belo Horizonte while waiting for the tram. They become close friends. Sixty years later, Zeca, by then a renowned music agent and producer, agonizes in a hospital bed. While sitting by and watching him, the retired Brazilian History professor understands that he is losing not only his life partner, but also his possible biographer. It is needed that roles are inverted, and it is up to him to write his inseparable friend’s story. In their youth, they delight themselves with their charming literary mentor, Vanessa; with Marilia they learn to listen to Ma Raney’s jazz and get involved in an impossible love triangle. They distance themselves: one goes to Paris for his PhD, the other studies Journalism in São Paulo. They meet again in Rio de Janeiro, but their different styles separates them: Zeca lives among drugs and rock & roll and ridicules his well succeeded academic but unhappy friend.

Beyond questioning the limits of fiction and memory, biography and autobiography, this à clef narrative offers the rich testimony of a period and an exceptional friendship.