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A Portuguese Dream. A house, a challenge, a new existence (Een Portugese droom)



Original Language: Dutch | 250 pp. | May 2017

2 Seas Represents: World excl Dutch.


‘A great Summer novel by which to daydream! You can almost smell the grilled fish and the roasted pig, and almost taste the wine and herbal teas.’ —

‘I loved A Portuguese Dream! I definitely recommend, whichever you choose to read it in.’ —

‘A great book if you want to know more about a real life in Portugal or if you want a book to bring you sun and adventure.’ —

‘A Portuguese Dream is a lovely novel to dream away with!’ —

When the rain is pouring and you’ve managed to squeeze yourself into a commuter’s train, it seems like a wonderful dream: starting a new life in a country with a warm climate and plenty of space. Marjolein and her lover Bart have been living that dream ever since they bought an old farm with an olive grove on a hill in Portugal. After a period full of challenges, hard work and setbacks, they manage to live a nearly self-supporting and sustainable life. A country is not just made of picturesque houses and sweeping views, however. If you really want to make your new home there, you’ll have to connect with the locals.

In A Portuguese Dream Bart and Marjolein, who is called Maria in Portugal, become friends with the villagers. Together they sing, talk, cook, eat, work and party, and they learn much about the country and the habits of their region. Until one day, a stranger with bad intentions knocks on their door, threatening to disturb their Portuguese dream…

Praise for Marieke Woudstra’s first novel Home in Portugal :

“Great escapist reading and fabulous descriptions of the life and scenery of Portugal.” — Bookseller Johanna van The, Readshop Veendam

“This book speaks to a longing we all – be it consciously or subconsciously – carry around with us.” — Marieke van der Pol, author of Brideflight

“A compelling story that exudes her love for Portugal.” — Tessa de Loo, bestselling author of The Twins

“The main characters have a great talent for making friends. Combined with the breath-taking scenery, this makes for a lively story, captivating and special.” NDB Biblion (Dutch Library Service)

“Marieke Woudstra has such a fabulous writing style and she manages to bring her love for Portugal to life beautifully.” *****

“What a great book about chasing your dreams. Highly recommended!”

“A fabulous virtual trip to the Alentejo in the South of Portugal.” Shyama Hopman on