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A Philosophy of Dancing (Danser, une philosophie)



Original Language: French | 300 pp. | April 2018

2 Seas Represents: Danish, Dutch, English (USA & Canada), Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Swedish Rights.


Why do we dance? Because we feel happy, sad and alive. Or because of the sense of well-being that the dance offers. Happiness creates dancing, and dancing creates happiness. Feelings are strengthened an expressed while dancing. — Julia Beauquel

Brilliant and erudite, A Philosophy of Dancing is an entertaining and insightful manifesto for finding the world’s inner choreography and how dance stimulates and enriches our ability to understand the world.

Dancing is everywhere. Everything in the universe moves, in an organized or chaotic fashion. Therefore, reality is a choreography in which we are, voluntarily or involuntarily, both the dancers and the on-lookers.

In this meeting of philosophy and dance, Julia Beauquel invites us to discover all forms of dance, from classical ballet to contemporary dance, to therapeutic dance, to “world dance”, and to movements that bring joy. All this while referencing philosophers such as Nietzsche, Pascal, Rousseau and Descartes.

In A Philosophy of Dancing, we learn how to seize the day, while dancing.

With a PhD in philosophy, Julia Beauquel is an art critic who teaches aesthetics and philosophy at an art school. She has published several works on philosophy and dancing.