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A Life Delivered. All Is Well That Ends Well (Une vie pour se mettre au monde)



Original Language: French | 224 pp. | 2010

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic, and English (USA & Canada) Rights.

Rights sold: Italy (Antonio Vallardi Editore).
Depending on the publisher and the quality of the translation, translations from the French can be funded by the Centre national du livre in Paris.


Today when we think of getting old we think of “loss”. Loss of strength, loss of work (retirement), loss of place in society. It has become pejorative. Those creams aren’t “anti-wrinkle” they are “anti-getting old”. It is as if growing old has become a sickness when it is, in fact, the lot of mankind, from birth. Life from the very beginning is about getting older. And so much the better argues this book.

This book stems from a seminary on “ageing well” held by the authors during which they discussed growing old, maturing and accomplishment with warmness and humanity. To mature is to age well, it is to deepen, to gain substance, gravity and nobility.  It is the distinction between green and ripe fruit, one is acidic and uneatable the other tasty and full of goodness.

It isn’t a case of adopting the Coué method (autosuggestion – “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”) and to deny the dramatic events that come with age such as illness but more a question of learning to accept life and what it deals out, being at one with what may happen and remain in its wonderment.

No matter how old or young, this book leaves you feeling joyous and positive after reading.