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Home in Portugal (Thuis in Portugal)



Original Language: Dutch | 218 pp. | 2014

2 Seas Represents: World excl Dutch.

English sample available

Nearly 10,000 copies sold!


Great escapist reading and fabulous descriptions of the life and scenery of Portugal. – The Read Shop Veendam

This book connects to a longing we all – be it consciously or subconsciously – carry around with us. – Marieke van der Pol, author of “Brideflight”

A compelling story that exudes her love for Portugal. – Tessa de Loo, bestselling author of “The Twins”

The main characters have a big talent for making friends. Together with the breath-taking scenery this makes for a lively story, captivating and special. – NDB Biblion (Dutch Library Service)

A fabulous virtual trip to the Alentejo in the South of Portugal. – Hebban

What a fabulous writing style Marieke Woudstra has, and she manages to bring her love for Portugal to life beautifully. – *****

What a great book about chasing your dreams. Highly recommended! –

Marjorie and Bart have both been through a lot when they meet. On their first holiday in Marjorie’s beloved Portugal, Bart also falls in love with the country, its people and its beautiful nature. Marjorie has two grown daughters, and because Bart and she feel ready for a new challenge in life, they decide to follow Marjorie’s lifelong dream of moving to Portugal.

The lovers manage to scrape enough money together to buy Alta Vista, a dilapidated old farm surrounded by olive trees in the Alentejo in the south of Portugal. They try to make a living by producing and selling biological olive oil, and live a simple and sustainable life, in harmony with the environment. A dream come true, but also a lot of hard work, unforeseen troubles and disappointments. Will they be strong enough to turn their ideals into reality?

Please note: In translated versions of this book, Dutch names can be translated and references to Holland as the origin of the main characters can be suppressed; they might simply come from an unnamed city in an unnamed north European country, like England or Germany. The author is prepared to rewrite the book for this purpose, if desired.