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A History of the Ancient Greek World (Histoire du monde grec antique)



Original Language: French | 640 pp. | 2007

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

Rights Sold: Greece (Kardamitsa), Italy (Einaudi), Brazilian Portuguese (Martins Fontes)


In one handy book, A History of the Ancient Greek World, which takes into account the latest discoveries, presents  a clear overview of a dazzling civilization, since prehistory to the transformation of the Greek world into Roman provinces.

By making alternate a chronological relationship of the events and overall presentations, it also offers a clarification of the problems, the sources and the stakes of Greek history, a lavish bibliography, many indexes, relevant illustrations, and a set of original and carefully drawn up maps. The main stages of Greek history, from the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations up to the archaic world and the Medic Wars, from the century of Pericles to the Macedonian hegemony, from Alexander to the Hellenistic civilization, are thus related with elegance and precision for inquiring readers ands students.

A former member of the Ecole française d’Archéologie on Athens, François Lefèvre teaches history at the Sorbonne.