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A History of Slavery. From the Antiquity to Present Day (Une histoire de l’esclavage. De l’antiquite a nos jours)



Original Language: French | 319 pp. | 2002

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

Rights Sold: Germany (Patmos-Artemis & Winkler), Korean (Wisdom Publishing House), and Portugal (Texto e Grafia).


Slavery is the most horrendous of all the institutions and, for that very reason, one of the less well examined. Up to now, no book gave an overview of slavery from its origins to modern times : such is the gap that this book would like to fill.

We find there the main stages of its history, since its birth, five thousand years ago, to its most recent mutations without forgetting the Greek- Roman slave system, its manifestations in the medieval Western world, the Atlantic trade set by the Europeans and the various forms of trading managed by the Arabs.

Above all, we will learn that, contrary to a widespread legend, slavery did not disappear in the XIXth century. Though it is officially condemned by international organizations, it still survives in many countries, even within industrialized nations that are meant to be democratic. Against this absolute scandal, against this endemic disease of human societies, the struggle is not over. This book would aim to go on fighting.

Christian Delacampagne was a teacher at the Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA).