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A History of Racism (Une histoire du racisme)



Original Language: French | 288 pp. | 2000

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.

Rights Sold: Germany (Patmos-Artemis & Winkler) and Korean (Wisdom Publishing House).


Racism takes many shapes. All of them have an origin, a date and a place of birth. This book aims to examine their numerous genealogies. Skimming through the Greek-Roman world, Middle Ages and the classic period, it endeavours its forms in the XIXth and XXth centuries, from the Dreyfus affair to the Shoah, from colonial racism to problems of immigration in modern France, and from the Armenian genocide to the great mass murders which bathed the latest half a century with blood.

Christian Delacampagne was a teacher at the Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA).

This book, with its preface by Laure Adler, is co-edited with France Culture.