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A Brief Philosophical Glossary of Anarchism (Petit lexique philosophique de l’anarchisme)



Original Language: French | 378 pp. | 2001

2 Seas Represents: World Translation Rights.


The philosophical tradition has only kept a few names from anarchism, all set forever in the 19th century and very far from the present. With this glossary, Daniel Colson wishes, for the first time ever, to restore anarchistic thought with all its complexity and its philosophical dignity. In order to stress the conceptual coherency of the libertarian system, he lays down unexpected connections between historical anarchism and metaphysics. Nietzsche, Spinoza, Leibniz or Deleuze are called up from a libertarian angle. Tarde, Whitehead or Simondon are summoned in the same way as Proudhon, Stirner or Bakunin. Easy and educational at once, this glossary is made of a number of key terms which, through a game of cross-references, allows the author to celebrate a view of the world too long underestimated and to bring to light the part it could play within the intellectual history of the century to come.