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14th July (14 juillet)



Original Language: French | 208 pp. | August 2016

2 Seas Represents: Dutch, Nordic, and North American rights.

Rights sold: Germany (Matthes & Seitz), Greece (Polis), Spain (Tusquets), Catalan (Edicions 62) the Netherlands (Meulenhoff, at auction, two-book deal), Korea (The Open Books, three-book deal).

Awarded the Prix Alexandre Vialatte 2017 for his oeuvre.

Shortlisted for the Prix du Livre Inter 2017 and longlisted for the Grand Prix du Roman de l’Académie Française 2016, Prix Interallié 2016, and Prix Femina 2016

Selected for the Prix du Roman historique de Blois

54,000 copies sold!


On 28th April 1789 the French revolution began when the Titon Folly was sacked by factory workers threatened with a drop in wages. France was going bankrupt, dying of hunger. Then came the long night of 13th July, an oppressive and frightening vigil when no one slept and, as 14th July dawned, the Revolution was underway.

Éric Vuillard immerses us in the turbulence of that famous day, bringing back to life the great rebellion that has petrified over time. Because we should see things from the point of view of the nameless crowd, his 14th July is a collective narrative. Dazzling miniatures creating a magnificent fresco.

An ardent epiphany of a book which reveals something we tend to forget: freedom also means universal equality in the face of History.