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I’ll See If I Can Make It. The Silent Revolution of the Introvert (Ik moet nog even kijken of ik kan)



Original Language: Dutch | 208 pp. | October 2017

2 Seas Represents: French & Portuguese Rights

English sample available

Over 20,000 copies sold

Nijgh & van Ditmar


Handy tips, expert input, lists, gadgets for introverts, introvert lingo and  various introvert struggles.

Introversion – suddenly everyone seems to be talking about it. The subject is nothing new to introverts themselves, of course; they always knew they existed. But for the rest of the world, it has suddenly become a topic of conversation. And this is an important development, especially when you consider that at least a third of humanity consists of introverts. It’s about time we made a serious attempt to get to know this ‘sub-species’ better: what is inversion exactly (and perhaps more important, what isn’t it?), how can you recognize a true introvert, and let’s not forget: what aspects of introversion can everybody relate to, even the kind of person who would willingly jump out of a birthday cake?

In I’ll See If I Can Make It, Liesbeth Smit makes short work of the notion that introverts are boring or sad. With a fresh and clear-eyed approach, she explores different facets of the subject: how do introverts get through the workday? Are some people both introverted and extraverted? And what should parents know about their introverted child?

I’ll See If I Can Make It is the Netherlands’ answer to Susan Cain. Sharp and funny, and full of handy tips and lists. Written for introverts and extraverts alike, and anyone else who has ever found themselves asking the book’s titular question.

Liesbeth Smit (1974) worked as a journalist and interviewer for many popular lifestyle magazines. She is the editor-in-chief of, a popular online platform for your daily dose of psyche.